What brand solar panels and inverters do you sell?

Mjjs do not sell a one type of system for a set price. We will look at your usage, roofline, surrounds and budget and tailor a system that is right for you. We offer a variety of Panels like Jinko, Trina, Q-Cell, Suntech, Tindo (Australian Made), REC, LG and any other quality Tier 1 brand panel. Our inverter options are Sungrow, Fronius, solaredge and Enphase.

How many years warranty to I get?

For Solar Panels, we offer Panels with Warranty between 10 years and 25 years. Our inverter warranties range from 5 years to 12 years. However, we can offer extended manufactures warranty on certain brands we use, which then can be increased to 20 and 25 years.

For your information, the manufacturer holds the warranty, then importer of the product, then lastly the installer. That’s why MJJs purchases their Panels, Inverters and Parts from reputable, long standing companies.

How long does it unit my solar system is installed?

At MJJs we like to have your system in around 4 weeks from deposit date. This allows us time to order your custom system and get all approvals in place. Weather and time of year can play a part in this time frame, but the team at MJJs keep in touch with you.

Do I need to be home for my solar installation?

Do not have to be, but it is preferred that a person is there at least in the morning, as we need some paperwork signed, your Wi-Fi password (to set up your inverter) and access to inside your roof. Once the job has started, there is no reason to be there all day.

We can fit into your busy schedule and have installed plenty of systems when the clients out.

I’ve been told the government rebate is stopping soon

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) or otherwise known as Government Rebate or Solar Tax Credits are reduced by the Government on 1 January every year. As of 2020, there are still 11 years of rebates left.

What is the STC value?

The value of an STC at any one time depends on market conditions, and the size of the system in kilo watts (kw) you choose. This is of course subject to fluctuation.

Who is the best electricity company to go through for my solar?

Mjjs isn’t authorised or up to date on the Electrical Companies offers to be able to recommend an electrical provider, and it would be unethical for us to do so. All we recommend is if you are happy with your current provider, do some homework on other providers and ask your own provider for a discount.

Please do not do this while the solar is in the process of getting installed, as it can extend the time it takes for your energy provider to change the meter.

How do I get my meter changed after my solar is installed?

Depending on who your current provider is, MJJs may be able to assist in lodging paperwork for your meter change. For most of the smaller/online energy providers, we are unable to help, however, we will provide you will all paperwork you will need and are always available to assist where we can. Meter Changes normally happen within 15 business days from lodgement and acceptance of all paperwork.

Will I still benefit from my solar before my meter is changed?

YES! You will still benefit from your Solar System until your meter is changed. You will be able to use the solar you are producing. However, you won’t be able to put any unused solar back onto the grid for credit on your bill until your meter has changed.

We like to run the system for a minimum 7 days to ensure no faults, and then it is recommended that you follow the instructions from your energy provider, as some providers instruct you to turn system off until meter changed.

How often should I clean my solar panels?

MJJs recommend you have your solar panels cleaned and system checked every 12 months. Ask us about our Care & Maintenance Packages today!


My app has stopped working!

When an app stop working the first thing to do is nothing and wait 24-48 hours, as most of the time it is because the NBN or internet has dropped out and inverter or envoy has timed out looking to re-connect. If your inverter has a screen, you can always look at it, as solar systems do not care if there is a Wi-Fi connection, it will still work and save you power. This is the number one thing! If after 24-48 hours still not working, check that there is a good Wi-Fi signal and internet connection at the inverter. If there is, turn the AC off to the inverter (for enphase also turn off Envoy), wait 5 minutes and see if it re-connects.

Following these steps will fix 90% of the issues.

Failing that and you have a good Wi-Fi signal and internet connection, send an email to to let us know. As sometimes there is server issues at the other end, upgrades maintenance etc.

I’ve changed modem, wifi passwork or internet provider!

If you change modems, Wi-Fi password or internet providers please watch and follow the following videos to help change and update your password on the inverter.




MJJS are always happy to help, so please follow these steps. If we have to make a site visit and we find the issues are not with the inverter there may be a small charge for our time.