With the MJJ’s Solar team at your service, the installation process will go smoothly, without big delays or dramas. Whether you want to add solar panels to your home, investment property or business, we can help. As highly educated and experienced solar roofing technicians, we can handle jobs of any size and scope. Our licensed electricians will not miss a single detail, looking closely to ensure your solar panels will work just right. We don’t have subcontractors, but rather a truly terrific team of experts that work well with one another to get every project completed on time, within budget. We offer reasonable prices for our solar panels and installation services, and we can also work with batteries both on and off grid.


Once you get your panels up and running, we will remain a valuable resource for you, as we can check up on how the panels are working and if there’s any room for improvement. If you already have solar panels installed, you can call us out for a maintenance check or repairs anytime. For those who haven’t checked their panels in a while, you may not realise that you could be losing up to 35% of your power due to natural elements like dirt, dust, grime, bird droppings and tree pollen. These are just a few things which can be preventing your panels from working effectively and costing you money. Our team will come take a look and resolve any issues appropriately. For MJJ’s, no job is too big or too small, and we will complete every project in the safest way possible. You may want to join our maintenance programs that keep your system in top performing state so that you can keep saving money.


MJJ’s Solar can also assist with your lighting needs and other electrical solutions and installations. MJJ’s Solar can install lights, power points and ceiling fans into homes, sheds and offices across Newcastle and Hunter Valley.  Our experienced team offer a wide range of services and expertise across multiple services within the industry and will ensure a smooth and easy process thanks to their wealth of knowledge.