Solar Panel Equipment

MJJ’s installs the highest quality components for solar panel systems on the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley.

Why Choose Our Solar Equipment?

Quality Usp

Quality Equipment

Your solar panel installation should be designed to last, so that you can save money on your energy bills for years to come. This is why we research every piece of equipment before we make it available to customers.

Monitoring Step

Live WiFi Monitoring

To get a better indication on your system performance, we offer solar panel equipment that can be monitored via WiFi. If you need this feature, let us know. We’d be happy to recommend the appropriate products.

Warranty Usp

Warranties Available

All of our solar panel equipment comes with warranties between 12 and 25 years for parts and reliability. Some systems and equipment even come with extended warranties.

Solar System Equipment

Solar Panel

Solar Panels

We offer a wide range of solar panels to fit any budget and system size. If you’re looking to reduce your electricity bills, lower your reliance on fossil fuel energy sources and lower your carbon footprint, we can help.

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Solar Inverter Equipment

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters turn your solar panel’s DC current into usable AC current for your home, business, and the electricity grid. We offer reliable and durable inverters from reputable manufacturers.

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Battery Equipment

Solar Battery

Maximise your solar production with a battery system. These can further reduce or eliminate your reliance on the electricity grid by storing the excess energy your panels create.

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Brands Used

Getting the best quality, performance, and longevity out of your system means choosing the right brands with a proven history of reliability in Australia. For this reason, we only use reputable manufacturers for all of our solar panel equipment.

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Solar Equipment FAQ

Solar energy equipment includes all the components used in a residential or commercial solar power system.

Solar energy systems are also known as Solar PV systems. They contain three main types of components, including batteries for storing excess electricity, inverters, and solar panels, which consist of PV cells that are linked together. Once the system is in place, the panels receive the sun’s light and turn it into DC energy. That energy travels to the inverter where it is converted from DC to AC electricity that can be used to power your home or business or sent through the grid.

Choosing the right equipment can help ensure that every component works seamlessly with every other component in order to maximise your power generation and reduce your electricity bills.

Some systems let you check power production for each panel or the whole array. If you want live WiFi monitoring, let us know so we can recommend the right equipment.

MJJ's Accreditations

We strive to make sure that we are properly accredited with all the regulatory agencies as well as with the various manufacturers we use.

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Apporved Solar Retailer
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Accreditation Logo Huawei Registered Partner

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