Solar Panel Maintenance

Keep your solar panels operating at peak efficiency with our maintenance packages.

Solar Maintenance Packages and Prices

We perform solar panel maintenance on installations of up to 45 panels on both single and 2-story premises. This includes Inspection and cleaning of the panels with a written report detailing recommended repairs and suggestions to improve system efficiency.

For larger or commercial systems, please contact us for a customised quote.

Why Choose Us

Solar panels require some maintenance over the course of their lifespan. This is because dirty and unmaintained solar panels can lose up to 35 percent of their efficiency, and if you wait too long to get maintenance services, you could void your warranty.

All Systems Maintained Usp

All Systems Maintained

Regardless of your solar retailer, we will perform the maintenance including cleaning all the panels and checking for wear and tear and damage.

Qualified And Accredited Usp

Qualified and Accredited

Ensuring the longevity of your solar panels means hiring solar system maintenance teams with the proper training and experience.

Experienced Usp

Experienced Team of Professionals

We have been serving communities in the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley for over 10 years.

What We Do


We offer maintenance services for all types and sizes of solar panel systems so that you can keep your system running reliably and efficiently.

  • Full system check
  • Clean entire system
  • Look for and list any defects, including unsafe cables, incorrect installation, Hotspots, and panel malfunctions
  • Find and remove birds’ nests
  • Determine if the solar panel system is operating at peak efficiency (Includes looking at the system age, specifications, and panel orientation)
  • Full written report provided

How Our Maintenance Service Works

Our maintenance service is designed to keep your panels clean and in good working order.

Signing Up Step

Purchase Your Package

Our maintenance packages are priced according to how many solar panels are in your system. Simply choose the package that fits the number of solar panels you have on your home or business. If you have a larger system, contact us for custom pricing.

Schedule Step

Schedule Maintenance

We will be in touch within the next few weeks to schedule your maintenance service for a day that is convenient for you. On the day of your scheduled maintenance, we’ll arrive at your home or business to clean your panels and inspect for any problems with the system.

Receive Detailed System Report Step

Receive a Detailed System Report

Once finished we will provide you with a detailed report. This will contain the specifics of your system, what we did, if we found any issues, and any future maintenance recommendations to help improve the efficiency and reliability.

Importance of Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Importance of Maintaining Your Solar Panels

When you purchased your solar panels, you probably wanted to lower your electric bill and become more energy independent, and solar panels are a great way to achieve those goals. However, solar panels, while low maintenance, are not no maintenance. You’ll still have to keep them clean in order to maximize their efficiency and longevity. You’ll also need maintenance records in order to keep your warranty valid.

Importance of Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar Maintenance FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about maintaining solar panels.

Solar panels can be damaged by hail and debris that is blown across the panels by high winds. They may also be damaged by falling branches.

Hot spots occur when part of the solar panel is in the shade. The cells that are shaded do not create electricity at the same rate as the other cells on the panel. To make matters worse, the current cannot flow around the weaker producing cells. This causes the current to collect in only a few of the cells on the panel, and as a result, they will overheat and melt. The overheated cells are known as hot spots.

Rain will wash away loose dirt, debris, and pollen, but if any of that has been left to settle on your panels, a simple rainstorm will not clean them. For this reason, you need to have your panels professionally cleaned in order to maintain their efficiency.

We recommend that you have your system inspected, cleaned, and maintained every 12 months.

MJJ's Accreditations

Our maintenance team strives to stay up to date on the latest solar panel training and accreditation in order to give you the best quality maintenance services available.

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